The Longer You Stay

ERSeason 8

Carter inquires about an attending position; Weaver pretty much turns him down. He also gets stuck at the hospital with a never-ending rush of patients from a stampede at a rock concert, and slips, hurting his back, while looking for Weaver. A frazzled Chen disappears for awhile, while Weaver goes to Doc Magoo’s with her old private investigator—he’s found her mother for real this time. Luka and Abby go to a bar; she gets mad when he ignores her and flirts with a French waitress, and they break up. Corday and Greene find it difficult to balance their schedules; she wants to hire a nanny to take care of Ella. Benton discovers that Carla died in a car accident; Reese was slightly injured also. Malucci makes a fatal assumption with a patient, which Chen signs off on anyway, earning them both Weaver’s ire. They blame it on Weaver not answering their pages; we later see that Weaver left her pager in the bathroom at Doc Magoo’s.


First Aired On:
Oct 04th, 2001
Guest Stars
Alex Buck, Alma Delfina, Carolyn Seymour, Elizabeth Janas, Evan Jones, Federico Dordei, Gino Montesinos, Jeffrey Alan Chandler, Joanie Fox, Michael Blieden, Michael Luckerman, Mimi Craven, Ray Porter, Reggie Jordan, Roxanne Day, Sergey Brusilovsky, Timothy Lee DePriest
Jack Orman
Jonathan Robert Kaplan


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