Blind Witness

First WaveSeason 1

Aliens conduct secret experiments in an abandoned hospital. – - – Quatrain 12, Century 5. ““Where angels touch grace / One without sight sees the dark enemy / At the right hand of the twice-blessed man / The ally leads him to the summit”“.
I’m fighting against an enemy nobody sees or wants to believe exists. I’m getting to the point where I’m not sure why I was doing this – waging a war that I seemed doomed to lose. I was thinking of giving up the fight. Nostradamus predicted I’d find an ally where angels touch grace. Eddie and I thought that might be a reference to Grace General Hospital in Los Angeles. I needed to find that ally.
This desperate quest drove me to a desperate act – I faked insulin shock to get into the hospital to look around after hours. They put me in the 23-hour hold for observation. That night I stealthed my way through the empty corridors and picked up some O.R. scrubs to pose as a doctor. Looking good enough to fool another doctor on staff, I checked the patient cl


First Aired On:
Sep 17th, 1999
Guest Stars
Adrian Holmes, Alan Costar, Andrew Airlie, Enuka Okuma, Gregor Trpin, Hiro Hauata, Jennifer Jasey, Jerry Wasserman, Jesse Partridge, Khaira Le, Rani Takhar, Rochelle Greenwood
Daniel Howard Cerone
Holly Dale


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