Book Of Shadows

First WaveSeason 1

Quatrain 42, Century 6. ““The dark craft shall slay the dragons, conjured by the humble raven / Justice shall be blind to history, until windswept leaves return to the barren tree”“.
This Nostradamus quatrain brought me to Salem, Oregon, where high school cheerleader, Diana Black, was charged with multiple first-degree murders. She killed three prominent Salem citizens with poisoned cookies, a helluva fundraiser for the cheerleading squad. Diana claimed to be a witch… I came to see if her dark powers were of the alien variety. The defense needed an investigator, so Crazy Eddie created the credentials, and guess who got the job? It was time to see what was brewing…
The courthouse was crawling with shutterbugs, so I had to keep my profile low. One picture could put me in a headlock with the long arm of the law. This investigation was not going to be easy. District Attorney Warren Phips was taking the witch hunt as far as he could. The case was stacked up against Diana – she was facing de


First Aired On:
Jun 11th, 1999
Guest Stars
Amber Rothwell, C. Ernst Harth, Camille Sullivan, Katharine Isabelle, L. Harvey Gold, Leslie Hopps, Nicole Oliver, Rob Lee, Robin Avery, Will Sanderson, William S. Taylor
Dan Fesman, Harry Victor
Michael Robison


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