First WaveSeason 1

Quatrain 45. Century 3. ““The trickster seeds the mind with paralyzing terror / Bearing false witness to the bitter truth at hand.”“
I’ve seen the bitter truth. The aliens are here, among us, laying the ground work for a massive invasion to come. Crazy Eddie believed this Nostradamus quatrain suggested alien interference in a most unlikely place, an alien abduction therapy group.
I went to meet Dr. Rita Hagen, a nationally known expert on ““alien abductions,”“ thanks to the huge success of her best-selling book Sexual Contact: True Stories of Alien Contact. Were the patients at Hagen’s clinic really abducted? Or was somebody trying to cover up the bitter truth?
That’s why I journeyed to Hagen’s group, in the ’65 Mercury I bought for 300 bucks at a junkyard. After 43 days on the run, I could’ve used a good shrink.
I met the other abductees from the clinic. Evan and Nicole, a young couple consumed with flashbacks of their alien contact experiences, seemed to have lost any hope they’d ever ge


First Aired On:
Apr 09th, 1999
Guest Stars
Andrew Bailey, Gillian Barber, Joanna Piros, Julie Patzwald, Keegan Connor Tracy, Robert Moloney, Russell Porter, Saskia Gould, Stacy Grant, Sue Astley
Paul Brown
René Bonnière


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