Mata Hari

First WaveSeason 1

Quatrain 6, Century 8. ““Where ivory towers meet the eastern sea / Young trees of knowledge will fall / crushed by the thorny vine of a red rose.”“
If Crazy Eddie’s right, Nostradamus’ idea of an ivory tower is here at the National Institute of Applied Mathematics in Boston, Massachussetts. A young Einstein named Ted Eichmann dropped dead with bubbles in his blood, like he’s a can of soda someone shook too fast.
Word on campus had it he was working on a government project. The program needed a new boy wonder. Looks like I finally made it to college. Mom would’ve been proud.
Crazy Eddie wired me up with a microphone and earpiece so I could play genius to all the real geniuses. I fooled them with Eddie’s help and made the grade. They told me we were working on a ““communications satellite system.”“ I didn’t buy it. With the level of secrecy surrounding the project, I was betting this project was far more dangerous than anyone was letting on.
Super-brain Ted Eichmann died from some kind of ni


First Aired On:
Apr 02nd, 1999
Guest Stars
Andre Benjamin, Ben Derrick, Dana Brooks, David Lovgren, Gerry Mackay, Heather Hanson, Rafe McDonald, Richard Newman, Sarah Strange
S. Smith Miller
Brenton Spencer


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