Subject 117

First WaveSeason 1

““On the seventh dawn of the seventh day / A twice blessed man will roam the fields / Doomed to shadows with his brethren / Or savior to all who walk the ground”“.
My name is Cade Foster (Kincaid Lawrence Foster). Picture the life you wish you had. I had it. A beautiful wife, a great career, money, friends, all of it. And then just as quickly, it was gone.
I used to be a thief. I was considered by the cops to be the best break and entry man in Cook County in my day. They couldn’t touch me. But I realized that was a fool’s life when I met Hannah, so I did an about face and went legit, and left it all behind. Maybe I finally stumbled onto what I could never find behind all those broken safes: a real life, a reason for being…
And then it all began to unravel.
My bank accounts were drained overnight. I started having vivid and gruesome hallucinations that would hit me outta nowhere. I was fired from my job at a security firm when they found out about my colorful past on the other side of t


First Aired On:
Mar 19th, 1999
Guest Stars
Andrew McIlroy, Charles Payne, Craig Warkenten, Dana Brooks, Ed Evanko, Eric Schneider, George Josef, Gordon Van Ieperen, Ken Kirzinger, Laurie Paton, Marco Roy, Michelle Hart, Myron Natwick, Richard Sargent, Rick Burgess, Stacy Grant, Terry Arrowsmith
Brenton Spencer, Chris Brancato
Brenton Spencer


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