Lost Souls

First WaveSeason 2

Foster investigates an alien experiment that caused people to be trapped alive in underground tombs. – - – ““A maiden cut aloft from humanity / Locked in a coffin of stone / Her resurrection a clue for the man twice-blessed / Till the fate of her soul has been sealed”“.
Our boy Eddie was able to link this quatrain with a wildly bizarre story he picked up in the Paranormal News Group. While building a connector deep within the New York City subway system, a group of workers discovered the extraordinarily well-preserved body of a woman. She had apparently been entombed within a concrete wall that was built over 50 years before. And, believe it or not, that’s not the weirdest part. The strangest aspect to the story is that the woman was found alive.
Authorities were able to identity the woman as one Francesca Dutton, an accomplished travel writer who was reported missing way back in 1945. Eddie worked his usual magic and managed to work up a false identity for me. I would undertake my inv


First Aired On:
Apr 23rd, 2000
Guest Stars
Anthony Ulc, Bernard Cuffling, Blu Mankuma, Doug Abrahams, Elizabeth Thai, Kim Hawthorne, Lalainia Lindbjerg, Ona Grauer, Patrick McManus
Daniel Howard Cerone
George Mendeluk


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