First WaveSeason 2

The aliens make Foster a national hero. Or do they? – - – No quatrain this week. No century. Woke up in the present with the possibility of realizing a dream. Thing is, got a feeling I’ve become too cynical to accept it. The Gua have messed with me too many times before to believe this will ever be easy.
All started with Eddie cracking an internet code and getting us a lead on a possible Gua transfer of some kind of device – the transfer of goods happened in an open lot – a suitcase left in the passenger side seat. Checked for C4 explosive residue, found it all over the car. Also found a steel Halliburton briefcase filled with Gua orbs.
Jackpot. But it was gonna come with a price.
Said goodbye to Eddie and made a choice. The car exploded, the world went black.
Back to my dream. Woke up in a hotel suite, hooked up to monitors, wearing different clothes. Looked like I was in a high security, high-class hospital – security clearance notices posted all over the place.
Found my way into a


First Aired On:
Jan 12th, 2000
Guest Stars
Campbell Lane, Dale Hall, Francis Boyle, Jim Shield, Nadine Wright, Stefanie Hartman, Teryl Rothery, Tom Butler
David Wilcox
Michael Robison


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