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First WaveSeason 2

A young woman communicates directly with the spirit of Nostradamus. – - – Quatrain 4, Century 9: ““She will rise from the dead / With words of fortune on her lips”“.
The local newspapers say paramedics revived a waitress in Cranston, Rhode Island, after six minutes with no heart beat. She woke up speaking words of fortune, only those words belonged to an ancient prophet.
I know Chloe Wells is reciting the lost quatrains of Nostradamus. The aliens must know it too. I have to find her – before they do.
Arrived at Chloe’s house to find a media circus led by glitzy news hound Arthur Hewitt, and a crowd holding vigil for their newly appointed savior. Seems that one of the first quatrains Chloe spoke struck a cord with the people of Cranston – a prediction of their mayor’s death. Checked out the scene and the cameras caught me – just for a second, but when you’re a wanted man every second counts. Nobody wants to be on America’s Top Fugitives.
Eddie and I had hidden the Nostradamus book as an


First Aired On:
Feb 06th, 2000
Guest Stars
Art Kitching, Bob Frazer, Clay St. Thomas, Jennifer O'Leary, Katharine Isabelle, Martin Blaiz, Sarah Chalke, Shawn Reis
Daniel Howard Cerone
Jorge Montesi


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