The Harvest

First WaveSeason 2

Aliens harvest human hormones for their healing properties. – - – ““On the fields of Revolution / Where England’s traitor King runneth / Passion’s dew is stolen / The undercroft keeps the salve of enemy wounds”“.
The Charles River in Boston is named after Charles the First, the Traitor King of England. Bit of a stretch when you read the quatrain, except that three wealthy women had recently disappeared in Boston.
Looks like I was headed to Bean Town.
One of the women who had gone missing was Jennifer Moore, the sister of Renee Ashford. Ms. Ashford was offering a reward, $100,000 to the person who could find her sister and bring her home. Apparently Renee thought the cops didn’t have enough incentive to launch a real man-hunt.
Met Renee at her home as she was telling the press about the reward money. Posing as a representative for the missing sister’s bank – I told Renee that the last time Jennifer used her credit card was to charge a room at the Whitmore Hotel. Renee already knew that


First Aired On:
Jan 05th, 2000
Guest Stars
Alan C. Peterson, Ben Bass, Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff, Lisa Howard, Michael Schultz, Michasha Armstrong, Rachel McDonnell, Robin Avery
A. Stevens, Andrea Stevens
Randolph Cheveldave


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