The Trial of Joshua Bridges

First WaveSeason 2

Joshua is put on trial, and must defend himself against charges that he is a human sympathizer and a traitor to the gua. – - – No quatrain this week. Eddie and I are sifting through the database, checking some out, following up leads but we haven’t discovered anything solid enough to head in.
But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about the fight.
Days like this I worry about the fight. If we don’t keep making strides we could lose. Hate to say it but it’s true. Try to push myself, harder, further, faster everyday – want to get some kind of momentum going.
Times like these, I think a lot about the enemy.
I think about Joshua.
He says he’s not on our side – he’s just looking out for the best interests of the Gua – a true patriot. Don’t really care, as long as it benefits us.
Like the time I was on the run from the Feds in Montana and Joshua first helped me. I’d handed an alien a gun – she was posing as a forest ranger, was supposed to ““protect”“ me from the FBI once they took me


First Aired On:
May 24th, 2000
Guest Stars
Andrew Moxham, Kevan Ohtsji, L. Harvey Gold, Roger R. Cross, Saskia Gould, Venus Terzo
Albert J. Salke, Chris Brancato, Daniel Howard Cerone, Peter Elkoff, Theresa Rebeck
Gilbert M. Shilton


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