First WaveSeason 3

Quatrain 83, Century 7. ““The traitor sits in a hidden world, waiting for the man Twice Bless’d. Joined in desperate moments, to push the rock over the peak of time.”“
I believed the traitor Nostradamus spoke of in this quatrain was Joshua, an alien who has helped my cause on numerous occasions. The Gua build hidden worlds known as ““quantum pockets”“ – Eddie’s learned to penetrate them. Recently, I busted into a pocket, believed Joshua was to be found there and if he was alive, I had to get him out.
Everything in this particular false reality suggested the aliens had been defeated, my wildest dream come to life. But I knew it wasn’t real. Out in my world the alien leader named Mabus seeks to enslave humanity. The key to his defeat could be Joshua.
Found my sometimes ally in a desperate situation. Joshua believed the aliens had launched a neutrino bomb toward earth – a final desperate move to cover their humiliation at having been defeated by humanity. Joshua had the code to abort the mis


First Aired On:
Oct 04th, 2000
Guest Stars
Chris Kramer, Chris Nelson Norris, Claude Knowlton, Leanne Adachi, Robert Seckler, Roger R. Cross
David Wilcox
Holly Dale


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