First WaveSeason 3

Quatrain 11, Century 9. ““Nobles gather on a midsummer’s eve / and the Raven grasps the curse of legacy. / Look to the traitor’s haven / as the beast prepares for Apocalypse.”“
When Jordan got an invitation to a midsummer bash at a mansion owned by her late parents, Eddie linked the party to the words of Nostradamus. Did this ““curse of legacy”“ refer to the Radcliffe family? Could the traitor possibly be Jordan’s father, a man she both loved and respected? Jordan wouldn’t rest until she knew the truth.

Neither would I. If ““the beast”“ was Mabus, then I wanted to do my part to find out how the Radcliffes fit into his preparations for the Apocalypse and I wanted to stop him. We knew of a secret vault within the mansion, so while Jordan made a grand entrance to join the rich and famous, I was breaking in upstairs to crack a safe.
Some things never changed.
Had to be tough for Jordan. Once the Gua enter your life it changes forever. I’d lived it, and so had she. But Jordan was good at putting


First Aired On:
Dec 13th, 2000
Guest Stars
Andrew Jackson, Craig Norton, Linnea Sharples, Maria Louisa Figura, Michael St. John Smith, Scott Swanson, Terence Kelly
Paul Eckstein
Rob LaBelle


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