13 Candles

Full HouseSeason 3

Teaser: D.J. jumps for joy the second she turns 13! Main Synopsis: It’s D.J.‘s 13th birthday. A lot of friends are coming to D.J.‘s birthday party, including Kevin, a boy D.J. has a crush on. While the party’s music is playing, Kimmy tries to get D.J. and Kevin to dance with each other, but they’re too nervous, so Kimmy and the rest of D.J.‘s friends try to get D.J. and Kevin to kiss by setting them up during a game of ““spin the bottle”“. After a spin, just as D.J. and Kevin are about to kiss, Danny, Jesse, and Joey — who overheard the whole situation — get overprotective and barge in and stop it from happening. D.J. becomes furious and feels embarassed by what the guys did, and she feels that they have ruined her 13th birthday. Becky talks to D.J. and the guys, and the guys remember that they themselves played ““spin the bottle”“ when they were D.J.‘s age, so after D.J. talks to Becky about the situation, the guys apologize to D.J. for overreacting, and D.J. apologizes for being angr


First Aired On:
Feb 09th, 1990
Guest Stars
Anne Marie McEvoy, Christian Guzek, Scott Curtis
Kim Weiskopf
Bill Foster


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