Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Girl Gone?

Full HouseSeason 5

Teaser: Jesse shows the new studio to Michelle. Main Synopsis: Todd Mitchell, one of high school freshman D.J.‘s schoolmates, is spreading a false rumor around school that D.J. is the worst kisser. It’s Todd’s way of getting even with D.J. for refusing to let Todd kiss her on the way home from the library. D.J. shows Kimmy a sympathy card that D.J. got from Kathy Santoni, who, on the card, refers to the situation as a ““mega crisis”“. Later, under the guise of collecting dirty clothes to take downstairs to the laundry room, Danny goes upstairs to D.J.‘s bedroom while she’s not there and finds the card. The term ““mega crisis”“ arouses Danny’s curiosity, and he wants to know what D.J.‘s mega crisis is. Later, at a bowling alley, Danny is spending some time with D.J. when Kimmy shows up and takes D.J. to the mall, where Todd Mitchell is continuing to spread the rumor. At home, Danny slips up and mentions ““mega crisis”“, indicating to D.J. that Danny has seen the card. D.J. believes Danny’s


First Aired On:
Oct 08th, 1991
Mark Fink
Joel Zwick


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