A House Divided

Full HouseSeason 7

Teaser: Inside the house, Jesse and Becky give Nicky and Alex a playset that was manufactured to be used outside. Main Synopsis: When the family starts complaining that there is not enough room in the house for 9 people, they consider finding other places to live. Millionaire industrialist Lou Bond shows up wanting to buy the house from Danny, because Mr. Bond used to live in the house before the Tanners moved in years ago, and it’s the house that Mr. Bond grew up in. Michelle is the only one who is against the idea of selling the house and moving out of it, so she tries everything to stop the sale from happening. With the help of her friends, Michelle succeeds. Everyone realizes that this house has been a part of the family for years. It’s more than just walls and a roof — it’s their lives, where they have had so many good times together. With this to think about, Danny decides to not sell the house.


First Aired On:
May 17th, 1994
Adam I. Lapidus, Carolyn Omine, Tom Burkhard
Dennis Rinsler, Joel Zwick, Marc Warren (II)


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