The Day of the Rhino

Full HouseSeason 7

Teaser: Nicky and Alex make the barbecue sauce a little hotter than Jesse expects. Main Synopsis: Michelle and her friends are angry at their favorite TV character ““Rigby the Rhino”“. After seeing a commercial advertising a big, plush ““action Rigby”“, Michelle and each of her friends order one, but instead of receiving a big, plush Rigby, they each receive a tiny plastic Rigby — a clear case of false advertisement. Joey takes Michelle and her friends, along with their tiny plastic Rigbys, to Bayview Mall, where Rigby is making an appearance, and there is a large group of kids and their parents who are there to see Rigby. Joey, Michelle, and her friends don’t want these kids to be swindled by a commercial that was a lie, so they show their tiny plastic Rigbys to these kids and warn these kids that the commercial was a lie. Later, Rigby shows up at the house and apologizes for the commercial being a lie, and he gives Michelle and Denise each a big, plush Rigby, and then Rigby announces


First Aired On:
Nov 09th, 1993
Adam I. Lapidus
James O'Keefe


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