The Prying Game

Full HouseSeason 7

Teaser: Joey is bowling with Nicky and Alex. Main Synopsis: While at a local public library, Stephanie sees an attractive blonde haired girl planting a kiss on Steve’s cheek. Stephanie doesn’t want to say anything to D.J. until she’s sure Steve is seeing another girl. That’s why Stephanie and Kimmy break into Steve’s apartment, so they can investigate. Stephanie and Kimmy are nailed when D.J. and Steve show up. The girl who kissed Steve on the cheek was his cousin Edie, who kissed him out of friendship, proving that Steve is not seeing someone else. D.J. goes ballistic and tells a stunned Stephanie to stay out of her life, because D.J. feels that by breaking into Steve’s apartment, Stephanie has reached a new low when it comes to invading D.J.‘s privacy. Stephanie goes home. Later, D.J. also goes home, and D.J. is still angry when Stephanie goes to D.J.‘s room and tries to talk to her. Seeing how angry D.J. still is, Stephanie leaves the room, but D.J., who is beginning to feel guilt


First Aired On:
Nov 16th, 1993
Ellen Guylas
John Tracy


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