The Artist Returns

Naruto ShippudenSeason 12

Naruto carries on the task of classifying the animals in the island. Manda II, created by Kabuto, approaches the island and kills the Giant Squid. Meanwhile on the island, tremors felt from Deidara and Manda II’s assaults causes mayhem and with it the revelation of Armadiko’s gender much to the dismay of Don, King, Hippo Boss and Ch?ji. ?noki and Akatsuchi chase Deidara, while Kurotsuchi stops Kabuto. Aoba, Motoi and Yamato arrive at the battlefield. Kabuto frees himself from his restraints, kidnaps Yamato and flees, reclaiming Deidara as well. Back at Mountains’ Graveyard, Tobi questions Kabuto, saying he didn’t bring the Eight and Nine-Tails as agreed. Kabuto explains that he can use Yamato to make Zetsu and the White Zetsu Army stronger. Tobi, tells him to hurry as his left eye craved war — revealing his newly transplanted Rinnegan.


First Aired On:
Mar 22nd, 2012


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