An A-Rank Mission: The Contest

Naruto ShippudenSeason 14

Naruto arrives to help a team of Allied Shinobi Forces led by Karui, who are struggling against a reanimated samurai, whom Naruto recognizes as a man named Tatewaki he met on a previous mission. Naruto has a flashback to when Tsunade assigned Team 10 and Naruto to go to the Land of This and kidnap Sh?, the son of the Feudal Lord under a treaty. Shikamaru formulates a plan to capture the Sh? by having Ch?ji enter an eating contest at the Land of This’ castle and get second place. Ch?ji speeds through the competition, and before the final round, Ino uses her Mind Transfer Jutsu to take control of Sh? and goes to the washroom in the castle, where Naruto uses his Transformation Technique to transform into Sh?. When Sh? is able to re-enter his body, he asks who Shikamaru is and Shikamaru explains the mission to him. Meanwhile, before Ch?ji can win the final round of the eating contest, Shikamaru uses the Shadow Possession Jutsu to stop Ch?ji from eating the last BBQ chicken and giving him in second place after Isono.


First Aired On:
Apr 18th, 2013


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