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Naruto ShippudenSeason 14

Itachi and Sasuke stand as a united front, confronting Kabuto. The two activate their Susanoo respectively and attack Kabuto. Kabuto reveals that he had developed a similar ability to the H?zuki clan’s Hydrification Technique as well as replicated Karin’s healing abilities and J?go’s ability to absorb natural energy. To Itachi’s shock, Kabuto noted that he had discovered the Ry?chi Cave and trained under the White Snake Sage, where his master had failed. Sasuke says that Kabuto is nothing different from Orochimaru, a “disgusting” snake. An amused Kabuto stopped him and stated that he had evolved into a dragon as the latter entered Sage Mode. Back at the battlefield, Madara’s clones begin to activate their Susanoo, to the five Kage’s horror. While the other Kage say that it’s five-on-one, ?noki suggests that they fight together, making it twenty five against five. Elsewhere, Kabuto casts a technique that disallowed the two brothers from seeing or hearing. Kabuto attempts to attack Sasuke, but he is protected by Itachi. Itachi asks Sasuke if he remembered the plan they used while on a mission hunting a wild boar. Sasuke remembers and puts the plan into action, launching an arrow at Kabuto. Kabuto attempts to free himself from the arrow and with Itachi rushing in, he grabbed the sword and stabbed him. It is however revealed to be a crow clone. The real Itachi uses his Sharingan and then cuts off one of Kabuto’s horns. Itachi says that Sasuke right now would have been able to take down that boar. The young man noted to his elder brother that instead of a wild boar, they have to take down the snake standing before them.


First Aired On:
Oct 10th, 2013


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