The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered Bubble

Naruto ShippudenSeason 14

As a Naruto clone disappears, the real Naruto comes face to face with the other Madara in the mask and attempts to headbutt the mask. As the masked man readies his reincarnated jinch?riki, Naruto recognises one of the jutsu. In a fantasy world, Naruto meets with a reincarnated Utakata, who explains more about what happened after he left the Tsuchigumo village. After the conversation, the former jinch?riki use various jutsus to attack Naruto and Killer B. However, when Naruto mentions that two Madara’s exist, the masked man proclaims that he no longer cares about his name and only cares for the completion of the Eye of the Moon Plan. Tobi states that the world is worthless and there is nothing but misery and says Naruto and B would understand, due to their childhood. However, Naruto admits his life with a tailed beast inside him wasn’t bad. Naruto says all the things that the “no one” has said are nothing more than lies. The two jinch?riki become dedicated in unmasking him but Tobi says they will have to fight for it first. The deceased jinch?riki grow a tail of their former tailed beasts and Tobi declares he will capture Naruto and B and fulfil his plan.


First Aired On:
Aug 08th, 2013


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