Kakashi Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops: A Shinobi of the Leaf

Naruto ShippudenSeason 15

A tied up Kinoe is led out of the hideout by Kakashi. Then suddenly one of the glass silos breaks off and Orochimaru’s giant snake comes out of it. Then this leads to a battle between Kakashi and the snake in which Kinoe gets swallowed. Kakashi manages to save Kinoe by killing the snake. Kinoe is shocked by Kakashi’s act of saving him although he was targeted by Kinoe. However, the snakes carcass emits a poisonous fog weakening Kakashi. Kinoe manages to take Kakashi to a safe spot and saves him by administering an antidote. Kinoe has the perfect chance to steal the sharingan but can’t do it out of friendship. He exits the place with a decoy wooden eyeball which is later detected by Danzo. Danzo is furious with Kinoe’s change of heart and orders a curse marked to placed on him. Elsewhere Kakashi reports the incident to Third Hokage and Hiruzen sends out a summon for Danzo. Yugao is sent to despatch it, but is followed by Kakashi. At the Foundation, they are stopped by its members claiming that Danzo is not there. Then Kakashi sends Yugao back to Hiruzen when Kakashi goes and saves Kinoe. On exiting the Foundation, Kakashi and Kinoe are cumbered by Danzo and its members. Hiruzen comes just in time to save them and somehow convinces Danzo to let Kinoe join the Anbu that is under his control.


First Aired On:
Dec 31st, 1969


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