Kakashi Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops: Their Own Paths

Naruto ShippudenSeason 15

The escaping duo is soon caught by Kakashi but an adamant Kinoe refuses to surrender Yukimi. Remembering the things that Orochimaru had her clan, however, Yukimi opts to return to them in oder to save them putting an end to the skirmish between the two ANBU. Chasing after her, the young Iburi returns to find several of her kinsmen dead and the Sannin feeding on another. Fleeing from him, Orochimaru gives chase to the young girl, however, Kakashi and Kinoe arrive at the hideout shortly after. Unable to find Yukimi, they are guided by the smoke trails of the departed clan members and they are able to stave off Orochimaru’s assault and cause him to flee. Apparently too late though, Yukimi begins to turn into smoke and in an attempt to save her, Kinoe tries to use Wood Release to encase the smoke. Then, the smoke trails of the clan members gather around Yukimi, changing the artificial encasement into an actual tree from within Yukimi emerges again. Ultimately Kinoe and Yukimi decided to walk their own paths, with Kakashi informing Kinoe that he neither saw Orochimaru, nor discovered the clan.


First Aired On:
Dec 31st, 1969


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