The Shatterer

Odyssey 5Season 1

The Odyssey 5 team tries to locate Professor Naran Chandra, an artificial life researcher who in the original timeline will commit suicide at a lecture 8 days from now, right in front of Kurt. Examining the files on Chandra’s computer, they find that Chandra discovered a computer lifeform loose on the Internet that apparently evolved on its own from experiments in Chandra’s lab and has now become “Sentient”.
Meanwhile, noting how mature and responsible his behavior has suddenly become, Neil’s girlfriend Holly talks about taking their relationship to the next level.
Sarah and Angela’s investigation of the patients given “gene therapy” by Dr. Barantz leads them to discover some living tissue that appears to have been bio-manufactured in a chemical vat. Then, when they finally meet the frightened Dr. Chandra, the team discovers that one of his students is actually an inhuman creature made from this same nearly-indestructible tissue.


First Aired On:
Jun 28th, 2002
Guest Stars
Alex Appel, Jonathan Langford, Mathew Langford
Manny Coto
Randall Zisk


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