A Door, About to Open

Once and AgainSeason 1

Lily says that the kids in the two families should meet. So they schedule a night for that. Zoe is concerned about the environment. Grace again has conflicting feelings about Eli. Jennifer reveals to Grace that Cassidy is cheating on Eli. Grace is hesitant about telling Eli this information. Two of Cassidy’s friends, Rachel and Lisa, warn Grace not to tell Eli what’s going on (or else!). Naomi starts a book group and invites Karen, instead of Lily to be in the group because she feels that she and Lily have been drifting apart. Miles lets it be known to Rick that he doesn’t want David involved on his project. Work pressures threaten to unravel Lily’s plans for the meeting and they leave Rick on edge. Judy and Karen have a heart-to-heart in the bookstore about their two families. Eli finds out for himself that Cassidy’s been cheating on him. Pressure from Miles forces Rick to cancel the dinner. A passage from the book the group is reading makes everything clear to Lily and Rick and Karen


First Aired On:
Apr 24th, 2000
Guest Stars
Alexandra Holden, David Clennon, Jennifer Crystal, Joanna Canton, Kate Benton, Katie Johnston, Laura Roth
Winnie Holzman
Dan Lerner


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