Best of Enemies

Once and AgainSeason 2

Lily and Rick begin their wedding plans and want Judy to help, but Judy seems hesitant. Jesse faints and falls in the girls’ locker room. Grace learns of it and voices her concern to Judy. Judy tells Karen, who tells Jesse, and argument ensues. Dr. Rosenfeld tells Rick and Karen to put restrictions on Jesse’s activities until she eats what Rick and Karen ask her to. Jesse, of course, doesn’t like this either. Judy reveals to Jesse that she was bulimic when she was younger. Judy finally blurts out that she doesn’t trust Rick enough to watch Lily get married to him. Karen makes the decision not to let Jesse go on the ski trip with her classmates. This makes Jesse even more upset. Judy and Rick settle, somewhat, their differences. Dr. Rosenfeld makes Karen realize that she can’t control every possible aspect of her and Jesse’s life. Lily and Judy make up, and Karen lets go enough to allow Jesse to go on the ski trip.


First Aired On:
Apr 04th, 2001
Guest Stars
Ashley Tisdale, Brandon Davis, Granger Green, Kristina Anapau
Emily Whitesell
Barnet Kellman


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