The Steaks Are High

RebaSeason 1

After being named player of the week, Van begs Reba to host the pre-game dinner for the football team since his family won’t even talk to him. When she finally gives in, he and Cheyenne are so excited she can’t help but look forward to it… that is, until Brock and BJ arrive with the ““bible”“ for team pre-game dinners. They offer to take hosting off of her hands, but Reba refuses to give in. If they have to have a perfect dinner, silly traditions and all, to win then that’s what she’ll give them.
Reba has everything in order for the dinner until Cheyenne comes back from running errands at the store. It seems she was so overwhelmed looking in the baby aisle that when she went to pick up potato salad, she picked up the wrong kind. Reba solves the problem by dumping the potato salad into a serving dish and saying that no one will ever know. The dinner goes well, with Cheyenne even participating in cheers with her old squad. But Barbra Jean discovers Reba’s ruse with the salad and tells th


First Aired On:
Nov 02nd, 2001
Guest Stars
Erik Aude, Lesley Magy, Rini Bell, Shanola Hampton, Troy Evans
Robert Peacock
Gary Shimokawa


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