Can’t Smeg Won’t Smeg

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The crew of Starbug are transported to the Can’t Cook Won’t Cook studio to see who can cook a better vindaloo. It’s Lister and Kryten vs. Rimmer and the Cat. Well it should have been the Cat, but he was worried he would mess up his suit (really he just didn’t want to work with Rimmer), so Duane Dibbley took his place.

This left Kochanski as the taster (God help her). It’s not her fault, she lost the “ippy-dippy”!

The show was total, hillarious chaos. Ainsley Harriott (now known as AH – which has a completley different meaning) was run all over the place. He was totaly pissed off.


First Aired On:
Feb 28th, 1988


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