Lurve - Series IV

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A collection of love-related clips with the background music of ‘Dizzy’ by Vic Reeves and The Wonderstuff.

Tthe main reason for “Lurve”‘s excellence is the genuinely witty choices of clips. Aside from the nice format of each verse being accompanied by one story (Kryten n’ Camille in the first, and Lister n’ Kochanski in the second), there’s the matching-up of lyrics to actions, such as “going round in circles all the time” with Starbug spinning round in Camille and “my head is spinning” with Dave and Debs waking up hungover. There’s also a couple of very funny out-of-context clips, such as Kryten performing the Heimlich maneovure on Kochanski, which is made to look like he’s shagging her up the arse. Plus, there’s a nice bit where Rimmer getting dressed in Holoship is reversed, so his clothes magically disappear.


First Aired On:
Dec 31st, 1969


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