Series III Deleted Scenes

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Over 20 minutes of cut footage from Series III. There are a few scenes that don’t work: Rimmer talking in reverse is a tad disturbing, and the extra bits of gluttony in Bodyswap seem pointless, but on the whole, things were genuinely excised due to time constraints, rather than quality. It’s interesting to note that most of these deleted bits are a few lines taken out of a scene, rather than huge chunks taken out. This is indicative of one or two things. Firstly, the tight plotting in Series III; it was possible to remove full scenes from I and II without losing much important information. Secondly, it shows that there were very few dud scenes in the series, and that it must have been hell to remove good quality lines in order to stay within 28 minutes.

The best scene here is from Polymorph, where the guilt-free Kryten goes into graphic detail about the fact that he is not an asshole (note the US variant), and the fact that the vanity-free Cat is. This is hilarious, mainly due to terminology such as ‘puckered’ and ‘evacuation’.


First Aired On:
Nov 03rd, 2003


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