The Beginning - Series I

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Look out Earth, the slime’s coming home. Eventually. Yes, despite spending years drifting through space, Lister and his crew are a long way from making it back to terra firma. It all started with a cat, a stasis booth, and an incompetent technician with a Napoleon complex.

It’s interesting to note just how the first series differs from those which followed. Minimal budgets kept the crew confined to the studio and the cast to an absolute minimum, and this had a curious effect on the storylines. Whereas later episodes of Red Dwarf would be about one specific thing – often announced in the episode title, e.g. Polymorph, Camille, The Inquisitor, Psirens, Epideme, Cassandra – many episodes of the first series have A and B plots.


First Aired On:
Nov 12th, 2007
Andrew Ellard


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