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Red DwarfSeason 5

The crew are on an ocean planet investigating a seeding vessel called the SSS Esperanto which was studying the life forms that had been introduced by humans. They find 3 people aboard who committed suicide, and a haddock who did the same. Lister notices an oil covering everything and Kryten suggests that it is a hallucinogenic venom much like the oil from an octopus or squid. He does a chemical analysis and rushes the others back to Starbug saying that the oil contains a hallucinogen which induces despair, enough to drive the crew of the Esperanto to kill themselves. They try to escape in Starbug to avoid it happening to them, but the despair squid chases them and they crash into a rock. Starbug is destroyed.
The gang wake up to find they were playing a computer game called Red Dwarf for the last four years (and they only scored 4%). Lister is the rich and successful Sebastian Doyle, Rimmer (his brother, Billy) is a bum, the Cat is the saddest geek you will ever see named Dwayne Dibley


First Aired On:
Mar 26th, 1992
Guest Stars
Anastasia Hille, Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, David Lemkin, John Sharian, Julian Lyon, Karen Salt, Lenny Von Dohlen, Marie McCarthy, Robert Llewellyn, Scott Charles Bennett, Timothy Spall
Doug Naylor, Rob Grant
Doug Naylor, Rob Grant


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