Emohawk: Polymorph II

Red DwarfSeason 6

A Space Corps Law Enforcement Vessel chases Starbug and the crew make a crash landing on a GELF planet. They go in search of a vital ship part and come across a village who have the part but the price is for Lister to marry the chief’s daughter. Lister reluctantly does so but on his wedding night, does a runner back to Starbug. The chief takes this as an insult and releases his pet Emohawk, a smaller polymorph (see Polymorph) on them. The Emohawk hides on Starbug and attacks Rimmer and Cat, taking Rimmer’s bitterness and the Cat’s cool; turning them into Ace Rimmer (see Dimension Jump) and Dwayne Dibbley (see Back to Reality). Ace, with his new personality, decides to save the day and locks Kryten and Lister in the hold so they will be safe while he and Dwayne go after the Emohawk. They eventually track it down and freeze it, forcing it to release their emotions and turning them back to normal.


First Aired On:
Oct 28th, 1993
Guest Stars
Ainsley Harriott, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules, Hugh Quarshie, Martin Sims, Steven Wickham
Doug Naylor, Rob Grant
Andy DeEmmony


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