The Breatharians

StarvedSeason 1

Despite Dan getting his jaw wired shut, his wife is not satisfied with his attempts to lose weight, and gives him an ultimatum: Lose the weight or lose me. After recieving this ultimatum, Dan leaves for a fat camp.
Adam confesses to Belt Tighteners that he has been lying about not binging. As a result, he is kicked out of the group, and Sam, Billie and Dan leave with him. Sam finds out Adam has been kicked off the police squad, and after confronting Adam about it, finds out Adams girlfriend is imaginary.
Under the influence of his girlfriend, Sam decides to become a breatharian – A group of people who live off sun and air and eat only “earth matter” once a month or so. Sam declares his love for Billie, but Billie, wanting to pursue her relationship with her girlfriend, rejects Sam. As a reaction, Sam buys a bag full of Nemo’s and smashes his scale before eating them.


First Aired On:
Sep 15th, 2005


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