Search for a Cure (6)

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In Episode 6, Scott and Stiles are talking to Dr. Fenris. Dr. Fenris talks about the difference between those who are born and those who are bitten. He tells Scott and Stiles about the ritual known as wolf moon. Dr. Fenris mentions that as a right of passage the wolf’s strolled together in packs. The Alpha, Beta and Omega.

The Omega being the lowest member of the pack. As Dr. Fenris is talking he grows fustrated because he cannot find his cigarettes. Stiles replies, You’re a doctor and you smoke cigarettes?” At that point the doctor tells them their time is up. Scott asks for one more question. Is there a cure? The doctor replies, “Yes. Cut them in half. Death cures all ailments.”

Dr. Fenris apologizes but says he has never heard of cure. Then asks “Really, why are you so interested in this. It’s just a myth.” The doctor goes on about how he ruined his personal and professional life because of his belief in werewolves. He insists that Scott and Stiles leave.

As they leave Scott tells Fenris that he still believes in it. “Don’t you?” Fenris replies, “Sometimes. But then I snap back to reality.” After a few moments, Scott tells the doctor Stiles was right, smoking is bad, but if he really wants his cigarettes. “They are on the shelf behind the books.” Scott flashes his werewolf eyes and walks away.

Dr. Fenris goes back inside and looks where Scott said they were and he found them. He rushes back outside only to find that Scott is gone.


First Aired On:
Jul 25th, 2011


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