Jimmy's Got Balls

Yes, DearSeason 2

While drawing up their will, Greg and Kim have a difference of opinion on who should get custody of Sam in the event of their deaths. Kim wants Jimmy and Christine to have him. Though Greg thinks Jimmy is too irresponsible, he ends up deferring to Kim’s wishes. When they tell Jimmy and Christine about it, Jimmy wonders how they expect a mooch to raise three kids. He learns that Greg’s life insurance policy will handle that. But since Greg only agreed to trust him with his son and not his money, the funds were entrusted to Greg’s sister instead. Jimmy is insulted that Greg feels he’s too incompetent to manage his finances. Against Greg’s wishes, Kim decides to give Jimmy $1500 of their tax refund to invest to prove his mettle. After a failed attempt at playing the stock market, Jimmy takes the entire $1500, plunks it down on a wet suit and scuba diving lessons, and starts up a golf ball retrieval service, fetching balls that golfers hit into the lake then selling them for profit. Greg b


First Aired On:
Apr 29th, 2002
Guest Stars
Ben Marley, Larry Clarke, Rick Marotta
Erik Shapiro, Patrick McCarthy
Mark Cendrowski


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