House of Cards

Yes, DearSeason 3

Christine tells Jimmy not to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for her this year, as she’s come to the realization that the holiday is just a cheap ploy to get poor schmucks to spend their hard-earned money. Jimmy’s glad that they’re not exchanging gifts — until Christine surprises him with a card the day before. Since he assumed a card was a gift, he stalls and gets her to agree to hang onto it until tomorrow, so they can swap on Valentine’s Day. He then drags Greg out to the mall to buy one, but it’s so last-minute that all the good cards are gone. Desperate, he enlists Greg’s aid in tearing down the shop’s huge display model, racking up $384 in ceiling damages in the process, and anticipates winning Christine’s heart with his life-size card. But the only thing he wins is her wrath after she opens it and sees nothing more than ““Love, Jimmy,”“ as opposed to the long, thoughtful message she wrote in her own. Jimmy sulks while going through her old cards to him, until Greg points out to him th


First Aired On:
Feb 10th, 2003
Guest Stars
Tangie Ambrose, Tony Nichols
Bobby Bowman, Linda Videtti Figueiredo
Mark Cendrowski


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