American Horror Story: Asylum Shows Its Big, Bloody Heart

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American Horror Story: Asylum has, in turns, been about the Catholic Church, sexual repression, Nazis, eugenics, the Devil, misogyny, interracial relationships, serial killing and aliens. But in its final episode it sprung one more surprise on us, revealing itself as a story about parents and children, redemption, and forgiveness. Because this is American Horror Story, of course, it was not that simple. In AHS’s moral universe, grace not always come where you expect it, nor do your sympathies end up where you might have predicted. In the end, Sister Jude–whom you would have made for a villain at the outset of the season–is saved mentally and spiritually, coming to find some kind of purpose and peace before she dies. Whereas Lana, framed as the protagonist and heroine at the start, ends the series as the much more complicated figure she turned out to be. And the season, which reached transcendent, ridiculous heights with its willingness to go anywhere to shock, turned out to have sincere heart. “Madness Ends” was constructed as a long catch-up / flashback, with the present-day Lana reflecting on a long, storied, post-Briarcliff journalistic career. It ended, as the present-day storyline led us to expect, with a dramatic showdown between Lana and her abandoned son. (You do not cast Dylan McDermott unless you intend to give him a chance to Scream! Really! Loud!) Lana’s abandonment of him, we find–at least as she tells it–was a complicated thing. She knew she couldn’t bring herself to love and care for a baby conceived in rape and torture; yet she also couldn’t force herself entirely not to love him, or at least to regret what had happened. Her final choice comes down, as many of her other decisions have, to self-preservation: she disarms him and guns him down. Yet there seems to be a genuine, unfeigned tenderness in their final encounter: “It’s not your fault, baby. It’s mine.” Yes, but where does the fault end? Much of this season of AHS has been about showing how pain and evil are

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