Here Are 10 of the Worst Things TV Did This Year

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In past years I have written “The 10 Worst TV Shows of  The Year” lists for this website. I now denounce that practice as wrong and misleading. Not because it’s too mean, mind you; because it’s not comprehensively mean enough. If TV is capable of greatness–it is, and it is proving it more than ever–then awful TV is an offense to that potential and should be called out. But if it’s hubris for me to declare that I have seen the 10 best things that aired all year, it’s even more so to pretend I could isolate the 10 worst, much less to rank them. It’s physically possible, at least, for a critic to screen enough of the year’s good TV to identify the best of the best. But millions of hours of TV is piped over cable a year; there must be awful, awful things that I have not seen–in that vast dark matter of tiny channels, syndication, and cheapo time-filler–because they are awful, because I do not seek them out, because life is a gift that it is a sin to waste. There are others I have forgotten, because the human brain protects itself from trauma. So the below are not the 10 Worst TV Shows of the Year. They are simply 10 of the worst things someone who watches a lot of TV for a living can recall seeing. And for now, that is good, or rather bad, enough. Alphabetically: Dads. There have been excellent, funny shows about terrible, bigoted people–All in the Family, South Park, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This was none of those; it too often relied on jokes that could only be funny if the audience thought that cliches about Asians (or whoever else) were funny. And the show’s waste of good comic actors was almost as offensive. The Dexter finale. I’ll admit that I’d given up hope that Dexter could be as good as its first couple of seasons long ago. But this finale, which went all in on implausibility and cheated

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