Jay Leno Says Goodbye to the Tonight Show, Probably for Real This Time

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If people have noticed that Jay Leno‘s sendoff from the Tonight show has been extremely low-key, there is one explanation: it’s not his first one. Leno said goodbye to late-night in 2009, and if we knew it wasn’t for good even at the time–he was leaving to host a mini-Tonight Show at 10 p.m.–it was still a moving retrospective, with a serenade from James Taylor, and a classy thank-you to Jay’s staff in which he brought on stage all the children born to the crew over the years. There may be second acts in American lives, but it’s hard to get people worked up for a second funeral. But also, a protracted sendoff never seemed Jay’s style. One thing Jay’s fans and detractors respond to in him is that he looks at hosting not as art or an exalted calling but a job. If you love him, it means he doesn’t put on airs but just works damn hard to help people unwind and laugh five nights a week. If you hate him, it mean that he was a careerist who took his comedic gifts and wasted them by watering down his comedy to appeal to the biggest audience possible. Either way, though, he’s been consistent in treating comedy as just a business–one that he’s been fortunately well-paid at, but a business just the same. You work it as long as you can, and when you can’t work it anymore, you can’t cry foul. Everybody has jobs, and everybody retires, and the only difference between them and Jay is that he has a few more cars to drive around in his newfound free time. So it was with more showbiz than sentiment that Leno brought on a whole slew of celebrities to say goodbye to Tonight. Not entirely quietly: Leno referred to being twice elbowed out for Conan O’Brien then Jimmy Fallon, saying that he didn’t anticipate coming back to Tonight again–”I don’t need get fired three times! I get the hint!” Bringing out Billy Crystal, his first Tonight guest,

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