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Spoilers for last night’s True Detective follow: “I don’t dwell in the past.” ”It must be nice.” “After You’ve Gone,” the next-to-last episode of True Detective season one, largely leaves the past behind, in the structural sense. As it drives toward its endgame–and seemingly, at least, downloads a lot more information as to who was behind the ritual abuse-killings–it mostly takes place in 2012, leaving behind the series’ complex, time-skipping, flashback-and-interrogation structure. And yet, as it reunites a worse-for-wear Marty and Rust, “After You’ve Gone” is also loaded down with the past. I’m going to keep the revelations about the case and my speculation on the whodunit here to a minimum, because I’ll inevitably guess wrong anyway, and you all can state your theories in the comments. But in brief: barring a dramatic switcheroo in the finale, the episode, combined with the previous one, seems to clear Rust of suspicion. He showed up at the recent crime scene because he’s still been working the case, and has found disturbing photo and video evidence that implicates the Tuttle family, suggests a law-enforcement coverup, and draws a tie to Rev. Tuttle’s statewide network of religious schools. We get more teases about the masked men (a connection to rural Louisiana Courir du Mardi Gras costuming) and a further hint at the Yellow King/Carcosa cult (“Death is not the end!”). Oh, and it involves the return of the Spaghetti Monster–the description, in the language of a terrified girl, of a man disfigured with facial scars. But along the way, the episode also fills us in on where Rust and Marty have been since they split in 2002. The big surprise regarding Rust may be that, while Gilbough and Papania were gith that he was holding out on them, it was not that he was committing the murders but investigating them. (And, if we’re to believe what he tells Marty, he did go to Alaska, &c.) We’ve already thoroughly seen how time’s flat circle has left tire tracks down his back, as he’s spent the recent

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