What Won’t Change About Duck Dynasty, and What Already Has

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Tonight, Duck Dynasty returns to A&E for the first time Phil Robertson shared with us how gross and sinful he thinks it is for men to have sex with men and how happy black people were in the pre-civil-rights South. His remarks spawned a protest, a suspension, and a counter-protest over the suspension, which A&E eventually lifted. So the Robertsons will be returning to a different world indeed, right? Not entirely. Let’s run it down: What won’t be different: Phil’s “suspension” won’t affect his appearance in any episodes, because for all practical purposes it did not exist. It took place while Duck Dynasty was on a shooting break, resulting–as I’d suspected when the news broke–with the same Duck Dynasty season we’d have gotten had A&E done nothing at all. Whether this was a p.r. disaster or a brilliant coup, the result is that A&E can say it did something, some people who were offended by Phil’s comments can believe he was punished, and “I Stand With Phil” fans can believe they won a victory with the end of a suspension A&E may have never intended to affect production anyway. (Related: the new season, already in the can before the whole fooferaw, will thus not address the controversy.) What might be different: The ratings. There are a lot of factors here, though my guess is the show gets a boost from sheer publicity. Yes, there are some people offended by Robertson’s statements who’ve sworn the show off; the effect on the ratings depends on how many of them ever watched Duck Dynasty in the first place. But at least for the premiere, I’m betting they’ll be more than made up for by people watching the show for the first time (as a statement or not), longtime fans making sure to catch the first airing to Stand With Phil, and casual viewers who don’t care so much about the controversy one way or the other but, who have spent a solid month being reminded that Duck Dynasty exists. What will be different:

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