Why Phil Robertson Got Suspended from Duck Dynasty

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When a media figure gets suspended for making an offensive statement, the tricky thing often is figuring out which part of it he or she got suspended for. Star and duck-call mogul Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, for instance, was indefinitely suspended by A&E Wednesday¬†after an interview with GQ in which he called homosexuality sinful — like, in his words, drunkenness, bestiality, promiscuity, and terrorism — and in specifically anatomical terms saying why he thought being gay was “illogical.” But which was the actionable part? Was he suspended for believing that being gay is a sin? For saying it out loud? For saying it in those terms? In TV, writers talk about getting notes from the network to “make the subtext text.” That is, rather than be subtle, or hint at the meaning of a scene or dialogue without saying it in so many words, you need to make it clear so that nobody in your audience misses it. Robertson got in trouble, for once in TV history, for making the subtext text — for being explicit about the conservative Christianity that, when it was subtext, was a selling point for him and for his show. Now, I’m not saying that you have to be Christian or conservative to like Duck Dynasty. It’s a comedy — a reality comedy, but still a sitcom, with sitcom setups and zingers — you just have to think it’s funny. I’ve only watched a handful of Duck Dynasty episodes — sometimes funny, not really for me — but nothing in it was predicated on accepting eternal hellfire for breaking the strictures of Leviticus. And likewise, you don’t have to disdain gay people or think being gay will send you to Hell to be a Christian — many, many Christians, some of them gay Christians, prove otherwise. But for at least part of the huge Duck Dynasty audience, the Robertsons’ faith is part of the appeal: the fact that they’re public, devout Christians with a public platform, even if their faith was mostly background to

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