3rd Rock from the Sun: Season 4


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 23

Doctor Solomon's Traveling Alien Show (2)

Discovering that Harry has been kidnapped, the other aliens search for him, somewhat handicapped by the fact that the Big Giant Head is punishing them for not filing their repo…

2 Oct 07

Power Mad Dick

When Mary is named the new dean, Dick assumes her power also applies to him, and wastes no time in firing his nemesis from the lunchroom, Lucy — who immediately files a g…

3 Oct 14

Feelin' Albright

When Sally learns that she’s not Don’s first girlfriend, she is consumed with retrospective jealousy and determines to track down his exes. Meanwhile, Dick learns w…

4 Oct 21

Collect Call for Dick

After Dick almost bites into a ““Fuzzy Buddy”“ in a fast-food restaurant burger, he becomes obsessed with the collectibles. Meanwhile, Tommy goes overbo…

5 Oct 28

What's Love Got To Do, Got To Do With Dick?

Dick, frustrated because busy dean Mary never seems to have time for him, finds himself increasingly enchanted with his new officemate, Jennifer. Confused by his feelings, he v…

6 Nov 04

I Am Dick Pentameter!

Dick tells Mary he thinks they should see other people, and she laughingly agrees, not knowing he already has a candidate lined up—new officemate Jennifer. Dick is fascin…

7 Nov 11

D3: Judgement Day

Dick decides to dump Jennifer and finagle his way back into Mary’s heart as an uproarious three-part romantic misadventure concludes. Dick, who has been driven to distrac…

8 Dec 09

Indecent Dick

When Playpen magazine arrives at Pendelton for a model search, the Solomons react to the issue of nudity in different ways. The idea intrigues Sally, who decides to pose—…

9 Dec 15

Happy New Dick!

As the New Year approaches, Dick is in despair because he feels he hasn’t accomplished anything all year. Meanwhile, Don gives Sally a necklace, then earrings, for Christ…

10 Jan 05

Two-Faced Dick

The Big Giant Head grants Sally’s three-year-old request for a ““gender reassignment”“ – and switches her body with Dick’s. Meanwhile,…

11 Jan 12

Dick Solomon of the Indiana Solomons

Dick receives an invitation to a family reunion that was meant for someone else, but decides to put down ‘roots’ and pass himself off as Richard Solomon, the long-m…

12 Feb 02

Dick and Taxes

After three years on the planet, the Solomons finally learn about an organization called the IRS. They also learn that they owe it $9500. What to do?…

13 Feb 09

Sally Forth

When Sally tells Officer Don she can’t take living with Dick, Harry, and Tommy anymore, he assumes that she wants him to propose. Sally realizes, however, that what she r…

14 Feb 16

Paranoid Dick

Albright’s feeling a little uncertain about her waning power at the college, and Dick eggs her on into full-blown paranoia. As a result, she gets caught breaking into ano…

15 Feb 23

The House That Dick Built

Dick feels like his control over the mission is falling to pieces when Sally decides to move out, and Harry considers having a baby with Vicki Dubcek. Dick tries to sabotage Sa…

16 Mar 02

Superstitious Dick

Dick receives a chain letter, but hesitates to discard it when he sees all of the ill fortune that befalls Mary after she scoffs and tosses hers out. When Dick does throw his a…

17 Mar 16


Dick, who’s never figured out computers, decides it’s time to get plugged in. He discovers e-mail and the internet, and withdraws completely from the physical world…

18 Apr 06

Dick the Mouth Solomon

Sally meets a suave Italian-American man at a restaurant. He woos her, and when she learns he goes by the name of Sammy ““The Butcher”“ Marchetti, she a…

19 Apr 29

Citizen Solomon

Now that Sally’s moved out and won’t clean for them anymore, the male Solomons decide that it’s time to get a maid. They hire Mary’s cleaning woman, Cat…

20 May 04

Alien Hunter

A mysterious woman, Charlotte, turns up in Dick’s life, claiming first to be auditing his class, then to be writing an article about him, then to be an ““inte…

21 May 11

Dick vs. Strudwick

Dick’s faculty nemesis, Dr. Vincent Strudwick, writes a physics book that’s hailed as a work of genius. When Dick realizes that writing a better book would expose h…

22 May 18

Near Dick Experience

When Sally, Harry, and Tommy narrowly miss being crushed by a chandelier at a restaurant, their near-death experience fills them with a new reverence for life — and fills…

23 May 25

Dick's Big Giant Headache (1)

The Big Giant Head announces his plans to visit the Solomons in person to chastise them for their poor mission performance. Dick tells Sally to move back in, orders Harry to st…

24 May 25

Dick's Big Giant Headache (2)

Reeling in the aftermath of his demotion, Dick has to get used to taking orders from everyone else in the crew — even Harry — a humiliating experience that makes it…

About 3rd Rock from the Sun

3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN is an inspired half-hour comedy series farcically dealing with the human condition set in the fictional city of Rutherford, Ohio. This gentle-hearted series stars John Lithgow as the High Commander of an investigative team sent to Earth on a mission to learn everything about humans and their so-called advanced civilization. Described by its producers as “Carl Sagan meets the Marx Brothers,” 3rd Rock has a clever, distinct point of view seen through the extraterrestrial team who has no other worldly powers except absolute truthfulness.