According to Jim: Season 5


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 20

Foul Ball

The fifth season premieres with Jim sneaking off to a Cubs game with Kyle instead of taking him to his first day of kindergarten.

2 Sep 27

The Tale of the Tape (1)

Jim worries that Cheryl’s romantic expectations will increase when his new brother-in-law, Ryan, showers Dana with flowers and gifts. But then Jim learns that a special b…

3 Sep 27

The Tale of the Tape (2)

Jim worries that Cheryl’s romantic expectations will increase when his new brother-in-law, Ryan, showers Dana with flowers and gifts. But then Jim learns that a special b…

4 Oct 04

Charity Begins at Hef's

When Cheryl wins two tickets to visit Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion in a charity-raising contest that Jim secretly entered her in, she decides to take Dana instead of him.…

5 Oct 11

The Race

Out-of-shape Jim enters a 10K marathon to teach Kyle, who wants to quit basketball, a lesson about not being a quitter — but he cheats to get first to the finish line.

6 Oct 18


Cheryl, upset that Jim thinks her daily anecdotes are boring, steals Dana’s story about meeting Oprah. Jim, now determined to out-do Cheryl, makes up a story about his co…

7 Nov 01

The Chick Whisperer

Jim helps Andy pick up a beautiful woman in a bar, but she turns out to be crazy — and eventually leaves Andy and stalks Jim instead.

8 Nov 08

James & the Annoying Peach

To teach Jim the value of communication, Cheryl doesn’t speak to him for three days.

9 Nov 15

The Dream

Jim tries to blackmail Dana when he finds out she’s having erotic dreams about him.

10 Nov 29

Lean On Me

Cheryl encourages Jim to meet a former girlfriend wants to discuss business for lunch, and then regrets it when she becomes convinced that the old flame has romantic intentions…

11 Dec 13

The Gift of Maggie

When Cheryl and Dana’s mother, Maggie, visits for the holidays, Jim and Cheryl compete with Ryan and Dana for her affection

12 Jan 10

Sex Ed Fred

When Jim and Cheryl watch an sex education video that is shown at Ruby’s school, Jim realizes that he is watching a young him.

13 Jan 24

Renewing Vows

Jim and Cheryl renew their wedding vows after Cheryl allowed the girls to get their ears pieced even though Jim had forbidden it.

14 Feb 07

The Stick

It’s Jim’s birthday and he gets upset when Cheryl gives him gifts he does not want, but is really happy when Kyle give him a stick for his birthday.

15 Feb 07

Mr. Right

Cheryl and Jim get into a disagreement about Erik Estrada, and Jim tries to prove that the incident that occurred ten years ago was not wrong.

16 Feb 21

Get Your Freak On

Cheryl believes she’s attending a tasteful lingerie party, but is shocked to learn the hostess is selling sex toys and Cheryl buys one, but won’t tell Jim.

17 Feb 28

The Grumpy Guy

Jim gets mad when he finds out that his neighbor Julie has been writing children books and basing them about him.

18 Mar 07

Polite Jim

Jim makes his own neighbour cry with complaining about his backyard barbeque, so he ends up taking polite lessons from Andy, in order to become a better person.

19 Mar 07

Daddy Dearest

Jim believes that Bill (played by Joseph Bologna), the father of one of Rubys and Gracies classmates is actually his real father that abandoned Jim when he was a child.

20 Mar 14

The Thin Green Line

Cheryl gives her best to assure herself a spot on the Church Committee, and in order to get that, she forbids Jim to do his annual “Green Man” routine on St. Patric…

21 Mar 21

Jim's Best Friend

When Andy stars playing chess with Ryan on a regular basis, Jim is convinced that he is losing his best friend.

22 May 02

Belaboring the Point

When a proud and happy Ryan announces that Dana is pregnant, Jim warns him of Dana’s upcoming hormone swings, and ends up dreaming that he is pregnant.

About According to Jim

Jim is an abrasive but lovable suburban father. Much like his real life counterpart, Jim’s character is noted as a fan of Blues music, as well as the Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, and the Chicago Cubs. He’s married to a gorgeous woman, Cheryl, and raises his five children – Ruby, Gracie, Kyle, and twins, Gordan and Jonathan – in a big house. Everything is perfect for Jim, if it wasn’t for the messy situations he gets himself into and his laziness, which often makes him search for alternative ways of doing things with less effort. Of course, having his wife’s siblings hanging out at his house all the time is no help. While Andy might be one of his best friends, Dana often teams up with Cheryl against Jim.