Against the Wall: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Jul 31


Chicago Internal Affairs detective Abby Kowalski investigates crimes in the department. In the opener, Abby, a beat cop, accepts a promotion to detective in Internal Affairs, w…

2 Aug 07

Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head

Richie shoots a teenage boy in the line of duty. Meanwhile, Abby works with one of her heroes in a case involving a mob mole.

3 Aug 14

We Have a Cop in Trouble Here

An ex-con accuses some police officers of harassment. Meanwhile, Abby is propositioned by the detective investigating Richie’s shooting of a teen, and Sheila visits the m…

4 Aug 21

The Fifth Body

A woman’s corpse disappears from the coroner’s office and turns up in a twisted Internet video. Abby and Lina search for the body to ensure that the murderer doesn&…

5 Aug 28

Baby, Did A Bad Thing

Abby and Lina investigate a stripper’s murder and discover she was killed at a private cop clubhouse where Don is a member. Meanwhile, Richie learns about Brody and Abby.…

6 Sep 04

Obsessed and Unwanted

Abby and Lina investigate an officer who is accused of stalking his police psychiatrist; Richie’s new partner challenges his loyalties and ethics; Abby’s relationsh…

7 Sep 18

Countdown to Meltdown

When a man collapses in front of her, Abby attempts to give him CPR; Donnie tries out for the SWAT team.

8 Sep 25

Memories We Fear

Abby and Lina investigate the erratic behavior of a crime scene photographer, which leads them to take over the investigation of a murdered model.

9 Oct 02

Lean on Me or Die

Abby and Lina investigate a fellow Internal Affairs detective; Brody seeks advice on how best to woo Abby.

10 Oct 09

Boys Are Back

Abby and Lina are sent to investigate when a young girl is trampled during a brawl at a wedding; Don recognizes Mackie’s new man as someone with a shady past.

11 Oct 16

Wonder What God's Up To

Abby and Lina investigate a complicated case involving the suicide of a police officer; Mackie and Abby’s brothers plan a surprise party for Abby.

12 Oct 23

Second Chances

When Shelia hires ex-convicts in her bakery, Don starts to get worried about what the consequences could be for their family.

Lina and Abby attempt to uncover what wen…

13 Oct 23

We Protect Our Own

When Don’s ex-partner Paul is investigated for the death of his wife, Abby and Lina look into how she really died, which may lead to Don’s old cases being reopened.…

About Against the Wall

“Against the Wall” follows the trials and tribulations of Abby Kowalski (Rachael Carpani), a single Chicago police officer who finally scores her dream job as a detective; but it turns out a nightmare for her close-knit family of cops. As the newest hire in the department’s Internal Affairs division, Abby suddenly finds herself at odds with her fellow officers, including her father and three brothers. She must now figure out how she can pursue her dream of being a detective while keeping her family intact.
Treat Williams and Kathy Baker star as Abby’s parents Don and Sheila. Rounding out the cast as her brothers are Brandon Quinn as Richie, Steve Byers as Steve and James Thomas as Donnie. Additionally, Marisa Ramirez stars as Abby’s partner Lina Flores, Daniel Kash is her boss Lieutenant Papadol, Andrew Walker plays Richie’s partner Brody, Mayko Nguyen is Abby’s neighbor Mackie Phan and Chris Johnson appears as Danny Mitchell, a lawyer and old friend of Abby’s.