All in the Family: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 18

The Saga of Cousin Oscar

Archie is incensed when his sponging cousin Oscar has the nerve to drop dead in the upstairs bedroom.

2 Sep 25

Gloria Poses in the Nude

Mike has second thoughts after he agrees to let Gloria pose as a nude model for one of his artist friends.

3 Oct 02

Archie and the Lock-Up

Archie suffers his ultimate indignity when he’s arrested along with a group of radicals at a a protest rally.

4 Oct 09

Edith Writes a Song

Archie buys a gun to protect his family, but a pair of burglars hold the family at bay with Archie’s own pistol.

5 Oct 16

Flashback: Mike Meets Archie

On the Stivic’s first wedding anniversary, the family recalls the day Archie and Michael met.

6 Oct 30

The Election Story

Mike and Gloria campaign for the liberal candidate in a local election, while Archie places himself in the opposing camp.

7 Nov 06

Edith's Accident

A priest pays a call to reward Edith’s honesty for leaving a note on his car after she accidentally dents it with a large can of clind peaches.

8 Nov 13

The Blockbuster

An unscrupulous black real-estate salesman tempts Archie to sell his house to a black family at an inflated price.

9 Nov 20

Mike's Problem

Gloria is upset when Mike’s nervousness over his grades causes him to become temporarily impotent.

10 Nov 27

The Insurance is Canceled

Archie lays off a Puerto Rican worker during a cut back at the dock; and his homeowner’s policy is canceled when his neighborhood is redlined as a bad risk.

11 Dec 04

The Man in the Street

Archie Bunker is the voice of the American working man when his man-on-the-street interview is scheduled to appear on Walter Cronkite’s Evening News.

12 Dec 11

Cousin Maude's Visit

Everyone in the family is sick, so Edith calls Cousin Maude to help out.

13 Dec 18

Christmas Day at the Bunkers'

Archie casts a pall on the family’s Yuletide spirit when he complains that he was passed over for this year’s Christmas bonus.

14 Jan 01

The Elevator Story

Archie gets caught in an elevator, along with a pregant Puerto Rican and her husband, an aging hippie, and an erudite black businessman.

15 Jan 08

Edith's Problem

Edith is suddenly moody and irritable with the approach of menopause.

16 Jan 15

Archie and the FBI

Archie’s paranoia during a mysterious government investigation drives him to betray a long-standing friendship.

17 Jan 22

Mike's Mysterious Son

An old girlfriend of Mike’s suddenly arrives at the Bunkers’ with a four-year-old boy who she claims is his son.

18 Jan 29

Archie Sees a Mugging

Archie refuses to get involed with the police, even though he’s the only witness to a neighborhood mugging.

19 Feb 05

Archie and Edith Alone

The Bunkers are alone for eight days while Mike and Gloria are spending a week at a commune.

20 Feb 12

Edith Gets a Mink

Archie is too proud to let Edith accept a mink stolen from her cousin Amelia, until he sees a chance to make a three-hundred-dollar profit.

21 Feb 19

Sammy's Visit

One of the classic episodes in the series, Sammy Davis Jr. plays himself, a passenger in Archie’s taxi cab who has inadvertently left his briefcase behind. Arrangements a…

22 Feb 26

Edith, the Judge

Edith arbitrates a dispute between Archie and the irate proprietor of a laundromat.

23 Mar 04

Archie is Jealous

Archie is disturbed to discover Edith once spent an entire weekend with an old beau.

24 Mar 11


Archie and Edith visit Maude’s house for Carol’s wedding to David Green, a Jewish man. Archie doesn’t want to go, and Carol doesn’t want him there. Arch…

About All in the Family

All in the Family was first seen in January of 1971 and immediately changed the face of television. Not only was this the number one television series from 1971 through 1976, but it also signified an avalanche of other situation comedies that dealt with controversial subjects in realistic ways, including Chico and the Man, The Jeffersons, Maude, Good Times and Sanford and Son.
The series centered around the Bunker family who lived in a home located at 704 Houser Street in Queens, New York. Archie Bunker was the main character, and what a character he was. He was televisons most famous bigot, crass and down right rude. Yet he was loveable, with a soft side just beneath the surface. Edith Bunker was his somewhat dizzy wife whom he called “Dingbat”. Edith put up with Archie and had qualities about her that made her one of television’s most unforgetable characters. Also living in the Bunker household were Archie and Edith’s daughter, Gloria, and her husband Mike, or “Meathead”.