All in the Family: Season 7


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 22

Archie's Brief Encounter (1)

Edith leaves Archie when she finds out he dated flirtati ous waitreess while she was volunteering at the Sunshine Home.

2 Sep 22

Archie's Brief Encounter (2)

Edith forgives Archie’s indiscreations after Mike and Gloria bring the two together for an emotional reunion.

3 Sep 29

Archie's Brief Encounter (3)

Edith forgives Archie’s indiscretion after Mike and Gloria bring the two together for an emotional reunion.

4 Oct 06

The Unemployment Story (1)

Archie’s self-esteem takes a beating when he loses his job on the loading dock.

5 Oct 13

The Unemployment Story (2)

A college grad threatens to commit suicide after he loses a jaintor’s job to Archie.

6 Oct 27

Archie's Operation (1)

Archie’s trip to the hospital is an ethnic nightmare. He’s admitted by a Puerto Rican receptionist, treated by a Jewish physician, and is forced to accept a blood…

7 Oct 27

Archie's Operation (2)

Archie recuperates in record time after he’s called back to work-with a raise and a promotion.

8 Nov 06

Beverly Rides Again

As a practical joke, Archie fixes up one of his drinking buddies with female impersonator Beverly La Salle.

9 Nov 13

Teresa Moves In

The Bunkers take in a boarder to help revive their battered budget.

10 Nov 20

Mike and Gloria's Will

Mike and Gloria are having a discussion over who will take care of Joey, just in case there comes a time when both of them are unable to care for the little tyke before his 18t…

11 Nov 27

Mr. Edith Bunker

Edith saves a man’s life and becomes the toast of the town,but Archie isn’t happy standing in the shadow of her limelight.

12 Dec 04

Archie's Secret Passion

Edith discovers Archie once had a brief encounterswith an old high school friend she’s invited to dinner.

13 Dec 11

The Baby Contest

Archie enters Joey in a newspapers’s beautifull-baby contest, against the express wishes of Mike and Gloria.

14 Dec 18

Gloria's False Alarm

Gloria insists that Mike get the vasectomy he’s talked about for years.

15 Dec 25

The Draft Dodger

The clash of two worlds explodes in this episode. Mike’s friend is a Draft Dodger and it is Christmas dinner and unbeknownst to Archie this guy is sitting at his Christm…

16 Jan 08

The Boarder Patrol

Returning home unexpectedly, Archie and Edith surprise a scantily clad Teresa and her boyfriend.

17 Jan 15

Archie's Chair

Mike accidently breaks Archie’s Chair.

18 Jan 22

Mike Goes Skiing

Mike asserts his independence by leaving Gloria behind while he joins his friends on a weekend skiing trip.

19 Jan 29

Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye

Archie reluctantly agress to deliver Stretch Cunningham’s eulogy, unawware that his departed friend was Jewish.

20 Feb 05

The Joys of Sex

Both Gloria and Mike help Edith and Archie express their sexual interaction after catching Edith reading How to be your Husband’s Mistress.

21 Feb 12

Mike, the Pacifist

Stranded in a subway train with different personalities, Mike is shocked when he punches a man for the very first time in his life after the man had pushed Gloria aside.

22 Feb 19


The Bunkers and Teresa wake up with their bathroom on fire! Archie expects money cashing in from the insurance company, until he finds out he’s guilty for starting the fi…

23 Feb 26

Mike and Gloria Split

Before bedtime, Mike and Gloria have a game of Scrabble in which Mike ends up winning. He uses this game as an opportunity to rub Gloria’s nose in the fact that he has to…

24 Mar 05

Archie, the Liberal

When Archie and the guys at the lodge are being called bigots in the papers because they are only white, Archie suggests to initiate a black jewish guy.

25 Mar 12

Archie's Dog Day Afternoon

Archie must spend his afternoon at the vet when his accidently runs over Barney’s annoying—but cute—dog with his cab.

About All in the Family

All in the Family was first seen in January of 1971 and immediately changed the face of television. Not only was this the number one television series from 1971 through 1976, but it also signified an avalanche of other situation comedies that dealt with controversial subjects in realistic ways, including Chico and the Man, The Jeffersons, Maude, Good Times and Sanford and Son.
The series centered around the Bunker family who lived in a home located at 704 Houser Street in Queens, New York. Archie Bunker was the main character, and what a character he was. He was televisons most famous bigot, crass and down right rude. Yet he was loveable, with a soft side just beneath the surface. Edith Bunker was his somewhat dizzy wife whom he called “Dingbat”. Edith put up with Archie and had qualities about her that made her one of television’s most unforgetable characters. Also living in the Bunker household were Archie and Edith’s daughter, Gloria, and her husband Mike, or “Meathead”.