Alphas: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Jul 23

Wake Up Call

Eight months after Dr. Rosen’s startling announcement to the world about the existence of Alphas, the government has had him committed. His Alphas, which have gone their…

2 Jul 30

The Quick and the Dead

Rosen and his team look for an Alpha with a vendetta, but the hunter becomes the prey when the Alpha comes after them.

3 Aug 06

Alpha Dogs

Cameron and Bill go undercover as fighters as an underground arena and meet a young girl with a unique power. Meanwhile, Gary considers moving out, Rachel bonds with the team&#…

4 Aug 13

When Push Comes to Shove

While investigating a string of crimes, the team realizes that they are looking for Nina, who had gone AWOL, and try to stop her before she hurts hers…

5 Aug 20


Rosen checks on a former Alpha patient at a hospital and the team discovers bizarre phenomenon leading to Rachel’s abduction. Meanwhile, Gary receives an unexpected victi…

6 Aug 27


Rosen goes to Alpha gadgeteer Skylar Adams for help dealing with Stanton Parish, but Skylar and her daughter are soon at risk when Stanton gets too close.

7 Sep 10

Gods and Monsters

Rosen and Parish face off against each other after a young Alpha emerges with the deadly ability to control minds.

8 Sep 17


While Kat takes on her first mission tracking down a street drug that gives normal humans temporary Alpha powers, Rosen discovers the identity of the mole.

9 Sep 24

The Devil Will Drag You Under

Hicks turns defector to be with the woman he loves and begins working for Stanton. Meanwhile, Rosen and the others discover that Stanton plans to use experimental grenades to g…

10 Oct 01

Life After Death

Difficult times arise for Rosen and his team as the loss of a loved one shocks everybody. Meanwhile, a woman abandons a baby boy at the office and Gary takes him under his wing…

11 Oct 08

If Memory Serves

While Cameron and Kat track down an Alpha who may hold the key to Stanton’s plans, Senator Burton discovers that Nina and Rosen pushed her and threatens retaliation. Mean…

12 Oct 15

Need to Know

While most of the team goes underground to interrogate one of Stanton’s people, Bill, Gary, and Kat track down Skylar, who has inadvertently manufacturing a device that w…

13 Oct 22

God's Eye

A desperate and slightly delusional Rosen becomes determined to confront Stanton Parish over Dani’s fate, while the team races against time to keep the Alpha leader’…

About Alphas

Alphas is an action-packed thriller about five ordinary people who are brought together to form one extraordinary team of Alphas — people with the unique power to stretch the capabilities of the human mind giving them superhuman physical and mental abilities.